I want to participate; what should I do?

There are several ways you might participate:

write a submission to a category
Check out the categories and see if you'd like to take part in one. Let ideas flow, try it out, and finally, send your work to lang@esoteric.sange.fi after 1 Sep 2004 but preferably before 14 Sep 2004. The submission will be published under http://esoteric.sange.fi/essie4/.
try somebody else's work out
Get the submission from either the web site or the original submission posting. Gather impressions, think, play.
take part in the discussion that ensues
After 1 Sep 2004, the entries are available for discussion. You may comment them on the list, but better yet, use the entry's wiki page, because this will make your comments stay and be refined as time goes.
send prizes
I guess the contestants will esteem it if they receive some material acknowledgement of their work. If you feel someone should be rewarded, feel free to do so. Use your imagination when coming up with proper prizes — I'm sure there's someone out there just dying to get my primer of modern Icelandic from year 1927.